December 2021

Hospitality Staff Shortages

As we emerge from lockdown, the sight of busy cafes, pubs and restaurants brings a welcome sense of normality.

However, with shortages in hospitality candidates, it’s anything but ‘back to normal’ for hospitality business owners, left scrambling to meet service needs.

In Ballarat, some hospitality businesses have resorted to offering permanent full-time positions at or above award rates, in a bid to lure and secure staff.

Experts have acknowledged this new reality, in what is now a very competitive labour market. 

In Melbourne, some business owners have reported only having one or two applicants, where pre-pandemic they had up to 60 applicants.

How this scramble for staff plays out also has implications for interest rates, particularly for mortgage holders. It may also frame the federal election, with the Morrison government recently talking up a ‘jobs boom’.

As restrictions ease around the world, we are seeing similar patterns, with hospitality owners worried that if they don’t see some relief in the next couple of months, many may be forced to close down, or reduce the hours they’re open.

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