May 2023

How to Successfully Onboard a New Hire

We’ve learned a lot in the last three decades. One of those things is that the successful onboarding of a new hire leads to a successful employee. Creating a culture of happy, engaged, and inspired employees starts with their onboarding experience.

With that in mind, are our tips to ensure a seamless onboard of your newest team member:


Start before they start

Begin the onboarding as soon as they accept by ensuring any paperwork is sent to them to sign. Start introducing them to your company culture by sending any other resources like company handbooks etc.

Create an agenda

Schedule any training or meetings for their first week or so to keep things on track.

Make them feel welcome

Make sure the team is aware of their start date and conduct a meet and greet of the team on their first day. Introduce them to key team members and show them around the facilities.

Set expectations

Set them up for success by going over any expectations of the role, responsibilities, job performance, and company goals.

Give them training

Ensure they have ample training on their role, as well as on any internal processes or programs, and feel supported to ask questions along the way.

Check in regularly

Schedule regular formal and informal check-ins to track their progress, find out if they have any questions or concerns, and to see how they are fitting in.


Overall, successful team onboarding sets the stage for a positive employee experience, enhances performance and collaboration, and contributes to long-term organisational success.


If you need support in creating a structured and effective onboarding system, we can help! Get in touch now.

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