March 2019

AI in Recruitment

AI is quietly moving into our lives, with products like Google Assistant and Alexa swiftly changing the way we engage on and offline.

The recruitment field is not immune, with companies like DeepSense (based in San Francisco and New Delhi), using AI to assist big corporates streamline the hiring process.

DeepSense say their AI technology intends to streamline the recruitment process and cut-out human bias. Achieved by assessing your social media interactions to build a personality profile. This data aims to improve the old method of simply scanning Twitter or Instagram for photos or comments, to better understand someone’s character.

The software allows you to set search parameters, such as a preference for goal oriented people over team players. Interestingly, the software is currently being used by corporates to identify ‘passive’ candidates, that is, people not actively looking for a new job – although they stress the software is not a background checking tool.

The obvious question is, can this technology accurately identify a person’s organisational fit?  According to DeepSense, the technology results in the same, if not better results than the current questionnaire-based personality tests. But, only time will tell.

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