Privacy Policy


Collection of Personal Data

JK manages personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and as an Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) entity. JK only collects information that is reasonably necessary for the proper performance of its activities and/or functions.

Please refer to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) at for more information.

Types of Personal Information Collected

Personal information may range from the sensitive (eg. relevant medical history or criminal history) to the everyday (eg. address and phone numbers). JK may collect the opinions of others about a Candidate’s work performance, work experience and qualifications, aptitude test results and other information in connection with possible work placements. JK does not collect or use personal information for the purposes of unlawful discrimination.

How Personal Information is Held

Personal information is collected and held in JK’s information record system located at 326 Sturt Street, Ballarat Central VIC 3350.

How to Contact JK

If a Candidate wishes to discuss their personal information held with JK, they should contact JK’s Privacy Coordinator during normal office hours – 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Personal Information Collected From Others

JK collects personal information about Candidates from other people including referees, previous employers, professional registration authorities and educational institutions. These groups may be in a position to provide JK with information to allow JK to assess the Candidate’s suitability to be placed in or continue in positions that they may be offered.

Legal Requirements for Personal Information

Some laws such as taxation law, immigration law, laws regulating employment agencies, laws relating to professional or trade registration, and laws for the protection of certain classes of people (such as children or the elderly) may require that JK collects certain types of information (including criminal history and evidence of a Candidate’s right for work) relevant to the position/s for which a Candidate may be applying.

Withholding Personal Information

Whilst JK respects a Candidate’s right to withhold their personal information, if the Candidate does not provide JK with all or part of the requested information, JK may be limited in its ability to locate suitable work for the Candidate or place the Candidate in work. Therefore JK may decline to represent the Candidate in either their search for work or application for particular positions.

How Personal Information is Used

Personal information is used in connection with:

  • assessing of a Candidate’s suitability for registration with JK
  • the necessary validation (including appropriate third party sources) of a Candidate’s resume, CV, nominated references, or stated qualifications, experience, training or abilities. Where JK requires third party validation, JK will explain how they propose to obtain it
  • a Candidate’s actual or possible work placement
  • any test or assessment (including medical tests and assessments) that a Candidate may be required to undergo
  • suggestions JK may make to the Candidate, whilst they remain registered with JK, for further training in connection with work of the type the Candidate is seeking through JK
  • JK’s management of any complaint, investigation or inquiry in which the Candidate is involved

Where Personal Information May Be Disclosed

Personal information may be disclosed to the following:

  • potential and actual clients of JK
  • referees
  • a person who seeks a reference about a Candidate
  • a professional association or registration body with a proper interest in the disclosure of a Candidate’s personal and sensitive information
  • JK’s contractors and suppliers eg. IT contractors, internet service suppliers, database designers, etc
  • any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information

Electronic Transactions

JK conducts transactions electronically as well as in hard copy and by face to face measures. It is important that Candidates understand there are risks associated with the use of electronic technologies and the use of the internet. Individuals should take all appropriate steps to protect their personal information.