January 2021

Are you ready for a career change? 6 questions you should ask yourself.

We can expect up to 7 career changes during our working life. It might be a result of boredom, redundancy, or new ambitions. 

If you’re looking for a career change in 2021, here are 6 questions to help you make it happen.

What transferable skills do I have?

Regardless of how long you’ve been working, work out what your skills are. You might be a good communicator, good with conflict resolution, or problem solving. Or, you may have technical skills, like using project management tools, or accounting software.

What skills can I develop?

Formal study isn’t always required, but if you do want to further your education, you will need to consider your willingness, time and finances. You might also consider volunteer work, or asking for higher duties in your current role, to expand your experience.

What would I enjoy?

Consider how you like to work, and the job and career options that suit these ideals. Do you like being around people, or working solo? Do you enjoy running meetings, or working outdoors? 

‘Following your passion’ is often suggested, however, sometimes, doing something you are good at can become a passion over time. 

Who is in my network?

Find people you can talk to. You might reach out to speak with past employers, university friends, or LinkedIn peers. Don’t reach out vaguely. Have a specific purpose and imagine the outcome you want. If people make the time to connect, use their time wisely.

Am I ready to take action?

A career change starts with you. But it can be challenging and requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Waiting for an opportunity won’t make change happen. You need to be prepared to make it happen and actually take the first step.

Are you ready for that new career in 2021? JK Personnel can help you take the first steps to a new career. Speak with our experts in Ballarat and Geelong now.

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