February 2023

CASE STUDY – Volume Recruitment for Contact Centre

A global IT company successfully established its first onshore contact centre in Australia with 150 employees within 6 months.

Contact Centre Recruitment. JK Personnel and TCS


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a multinational IT services and consulting company that operates in 150 locations across 46 countries worldwide. In 2022 TCS looked to expand to Australia and establish a large contact centre.


Despite their global reach, when looking to establish a large contact centre in Australia TCS were met with several challenges. Due to their limited brand presence in the country, as well as a lack of profile in the large contact center space, they quickly found recruiting the large volume of staff needed to be a difficult task. Additionally, the company had significant internal tasks to focus on to get the business established, resulting in limited time to properly focus on recruiting. They were also confronted with a tight candidate market at the time, especially in some regional areas.


TCS approached us at JK Personnel to assist in their recruitment, knowing that we have an established brand, especially in the regional locations that they were looking to set up their business. As well as being clear authorities in the recruitment space, we have extensive experience working in regional markets, which has provided us years of experience recruiting talent from a limited talent pool.

Ahead of initial onboarding and recruitment, we were able to test the market and make enquiries within our network which we then fed back to TCS, confirming a sourcing strategy within the project timeline was achievable.


Our team at JK focused on the recruiting, onboarding, and support of the large volume of associates through the early stages of their employment with TCS, and we were able to add significant value by allowing the client to focus on their area of expertise. They were able to focus on working with their client to deliver this significant project, while we were able to take care of the people part.

Furthermore, JK Personnel has been able to add value for TCS by appointing a Workforce Development Manager, who works with the 150 associates we’ve placed to ensure ongoing communication and support. This includes working with TCS team leaders in providing feedback, managing performance and absenteeism, training, and changes to shift patterns. JK has also been able to develop and deliver a range of proactive employee engagement strategies such as a reward and recognition program, ultimately allowing TCS to focus on providing service to their client, and ensuring the quality of that service, while we assist in providing support to the workforce.


  • JK Personnel has an established brand in the locations that TCS were recruiting, specifically in some regional locations, allowing us to attract a better response and better engagement from potential candidates quickly.
  • As regional recruitment experts JK Personnel are familiar in working with a limited candidate pool and were able to utilise their existing, extensive regional network to complete the volume recruitment campaign on time.
  • Once recruited, JK were able to assist with the induction and ongoing management of the team with a dedicated Workforce Development Manager, allowing TCS to focus on providing service to their client.





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Contact Centre Recruitment. Volume Recruitment Service

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