August 2020

Geelong highlights a new business model out of COVID.

Geelong and greater Victoria are now in the throes of another lock-down, so most are again working from home.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 4 in 10 workers have shifted to working from home during the pandemic.

This abandon of office life and the commute to Melbourne has again pushed forward the rapid digitalisation of our workplace and the argument that “we’re just as productive working from home”.

Certainly, most recognise the benefits of working from home and only having to go into the ­office once a week, or even once a month.

So, with a better lifestyle on offer in Geelong, will this be a turning point in creating new opportunities for Geelong and the region? 

Some businesses are already recognising the new market potential for Geelong and the savings made in not having to maintain a centralised office space.

Author and commentator Bernard Salt’s report, Rebuilding Australia – The role of Small Business, suggests Geelong will be one of the strongest performing regions in the country during COVID -19.

Mr Salt’s report suggests a move to flexible working hours and remote working arrangements were common enablers in allowing businesses to prosper through the downturn.

If this new norm does provide a better work/life balance, and businesses benefit, will Geelong be the first to forge this new path ahead?

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