Help and Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when I register with JK?

Your registration will be reviewed by a JK Consultant. We attempt to review all registrations daily, once your registration has been reviewed we will get in touch to discuss next steps as we attempt to assist you. If we have not been in touch one week following your registration then get in touch with us as something may have gone wrong with your registration or you may have been missed for some reason.

2. Will JK find me a job straight away?

Depending on the demand for your skills, a position may arise straight away, or it may be a few months before something comes up that suits you. JK are guided by the current job market, and the needs of their business clients. When vacancies arise, JK aims to contact suitable candidates straight away.

3. When or how often will I hear from JK?

JK will attempt to make contact with you following your registration. It is a good idea to keep JK informed regularly (every month or so) about any changes to your current employment situation, any training courses you complete or any new information on the type of work you are looking for. This information keeps your records with JK up to date. This will also ensure your information will be recalled on the right type of vacancies that best suit your skills and experience. If we don’t hear from you for a period of time, we will sometimes assume you have found work and are no longer actively looking.

4. Once I am registered, do I have to apply for the jobs JK advertises?

Yes you do. For any advertised positions you are interested in, JK like to receive an application letter from you telling them and the client why you are best suited for the role. JK also appreciates a fresh copy of your résumé, updated with your latest details, and tailored to the requirements of the role.

5. What can I do to improve my chances of getting a job?

A résumé that is easy to read and outlines clearly your work history will always give you a head start. Using bullet points is a good way to present your information in your résumé, as well as bold headings and short paragraphs. You need to be able to write clear application letters that outline why you are the ideal employee for the role.

You should never underestimate the value of training and education. Undertaking training, either work related courses, short courses or long term education is always desirable in a potential employee. Education shows that you have initiative, are keen to better yourself and are interested in learning new information and skills, these are things that employers always like to see.

If you think that you could benefit from a new and / or updated résumé, you should check out JK’s Résumé Service.

6. Who has access to my information?

JK will have access to your information on their database, and your résumé is filed securely on site. If JK have IT consultants working on their database they may view your information but will not be able to take any information away with them.

JK may discuss your skills and experience with employers, but they will not use your name or any distinguishing information without asking you first. If you are interested in a role, JK will give a potential employer your resume and details of any skills testing you have done.

JK adhere to privacy legislation very closely, and always respect your privacy. If you want to know more about JK’s Privacy Policy, please click on the privacy tab at the bottom of this page.

7. Does JK advertise every job vacancy?

No they don`t. Some employers do not want to advertise their positions, or some roles need to be filled urgently or confidentially. If JK have the right person already registered, they can be referred to a client quickly, and the role can be filled almost immediately.

When clients do want JK to advertise, they do so on their website and on webpages such as Seek and the JK Facebook Page.

8. Will I need to complete a police check?

This will depend on the type of role you are applying for, and the Employers’ Policies.

A police check is mandatory for roles that work with children, the elderly or in a volunteer capacity. You may also be asked to do a police check by an Employer if the role has access to money or sensitive information.

9. Will I need to do a medical test?

It is mandatory for anyone employed by JK in an On-Hire role to complete a pre-employment drug test.

Full pre-employment medicals are not always required, this may depend on the policy of our clients or the nature of the work being completed.

10. Will it always be the same consultant that I communicate with?

No. JK’s team of consultants works closely together and regularly communicate what roles they have available and the candidates they are talking to about roles.

JK’s database allows every team member to make notes when they speak to you, so anyone from JK’s team can quickly update themselves on your situation when you call, or when they need to contact you.

JK’s support staff can also help you on the phone, or keep you up to date on the status of any positions you have applied for.

11. What are some of the do’s and don’ts of working in an On-Hire assignments with JK?

The first important point is to always look your best, always be professional and always be positive about the work you are doing while you are on assignment. If you do this, you are heading in the right direction to being successful.

When working for JK they require you to be punctual, reliable and to work to the best of your ability. If you do not succeeed in a role while doing all of these things then we will work with you to find something more suitable.

You should turn off your mobile phone and only check your messages during your breaks. You need to be able to give your full attention to your role. For emergencies, you should give your emergency contact numbers to JK so they can contact you at your assignment for any pressing situations or emergencies.

If you are working in a role that requires you to use a company email, do not use this email for any form personal commuication.

You should always ask questions if you are unclear about what you are required to do, as it is better to ask twice than make errors and lose time doing something the wrong way.

12. If I do an On-Hire assignment, who pays my tax?

When you work in an On-Hire assignment, JK is your Employer, and they pay tax on your behalf. They also provide you with a pay slip each week that shows the amount paid to you, the amount paid in tax, and any amount paid in superannuation. At the end of the financial year, JK provide you with a payment summary that details all the tax paid on your behalf.

13. How do I find out about my pay?

For On-Hire assignments, JK’s Consultants will tell you the hourly rate when you are offered the position. Many positions are paid above award rates of pay, however JK adheres to minimum standards and entitlements in the relevant awards.

JK’s Consultants are always aware of what a role is going to pay, or what a client wants to offer for a permanent role. Ask the JK Consultant when you are approached for a role, or make a phone enquiry for any vacany you have applied for.

For Permanent roles, some Clients like to keep the salary for a role confidential until an offer is made. You can usually ask for a salary range, or you may be asked by a consultant what your salary expectations are. If you are honest about your expectations, our consultants will tell you if the role is in the right range for you to be happy and willing to accept the position.

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