June 2021

How do you make your business more attractive to candidates?

For many businesses across Geelong, recruitment can often be disregarded, or overlooked by a focus on new business.

Today, more and more companies across the region are wanting to find out how they can make their business more attractive to new staff. 

This is because they are finding themselves in a race with their competitors to hire the best talent. 

What they are discovering is that Millennials and Gen Z care more about things like job purpose, diversity and culture, than a paycheck.

As such, our experience suggests that you should not only focus on getting customers to buy, but getting employees to believe. 

So how do you make this happen?

Internal Branding

Internal branding is how you communicate your brand story to your people. How is your work culture and brand purpose better than your competitors?

While this approach is not new for external branding and customer proposition, it’s relatively new for businesses to take this approach seriously.

For example, just a short while ago the hiring process looked very different. Candidates had to sell themselves to you, touting their achievements on perfectly written resumes.

Today, it has started to lean the other way. Candidates want to know why they should work with you and what they will get out of the relationship. They want a better company experience, and are not afraid to hold out for it.

If businesses can demonstrate they care about their people and invest in a collaborative purpose, they will see significant improvements in employee engagement, profitability, productivity and retention, a no brainer in today’s competitive market.

If you are having trouble finding the right person, or hiring the wrong candidates, speak to JK. We can not only help your business get to the right candidates first, but ensure your business proposition is attractive and positioned to influence the best candidates.

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