March 2020

How to stay motivated on your job search

You think your job interview went really well. On paper, you seem to be the perfect fit. But then you get that dreaded phone call or email…they’ve decided to go with someone else.

Your motivation will take a hit and that feeling of rejection can be overwhelming. Here are our tips to help you pick yourself up and give it another go.

Don’t take it personally

As the saying goes, ‘business is business’. So try not to take it personally (easier said than done, we know). A rejection doesn’t mean you’re not good at what you do. There are a million reasons why they turned you down. Sometimes you are competing against an internal candidate or an employee-referenced candidate, both tough to compete with.

Ask for feedback

If you do get turned down for a position, ask for some feedback. You may gain some new insight into your interview style or experience gasps. If so, you can be better prepared next time. Asking for feedback also shows that you’re interested in self-improvement and leaves a positive last impression.

Build new skills

You might re-energise by developing new skills. You obviously don’t need to go back and study, it can be as simple as watching a TED talk, reading a book or taking a free online seminar.

Narrow your focus

While it can help to widen your search, sometimes you end up applying for an increased number of roles that you’re just not suited to. This increases the potential for rejection and can further dent your confidence.

Invest energy into a select few

When you see a role that really suits you, go after it. Research the company, pick up the phone and speak to the hiring manager. Aim to personalise your application. Sometimes we get application fatigue, so roles that suit or excite you should get your best effort.


Get on LinkedIn or join an industry Facebook group. Referrals are one of the best ways to find a new job. And any events will help keep you positive and motivated.

Have a plan and take breaks

Treat your job search like an actual job, put some structure around it. Spend an hour or two each day on job search related activities, but like any other job take a break and find some balance. You might even set some unassociated short term goals, like cleaning the house. That way you’ll feel like you’ve done something positive.


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