September 2019

How to use LinkedIn to get a job

Like any social media platform, you need to be active on LinkedIn to get noticed. Today, job seekers are even posting and targeting businesses they like with some pretty clever ‘ads’ profiling themselves and their experience. To get the most out of LinkedIn here are our tactical tips.

Keep your profile up to date

A recent, professional profile photo and strong headline (under your photo) will grab attention and speak to the roles you want. You can even list multiple skill sets, so don’t think you have to limit the headline to a single job title. And make sure to list your most recent experience to show that your profile is current.

Let people know you’re available

If you’re looking for a job, use your headline to announce it e.g. ‘Ready to take on a new engineering challenge in Ballarat’. Or post content that profiles your knowledge and experience.

Build your network

Build as many 1st degree connections as you can because connections will exponentially increase your exposure and access to the right people.

Follow companies you like

By following the companies you might like to work for, you can keep informed about company news and new positions as they become available. You might also reach out to make connections.

Ask for an introduction

Once you’ve reached out to make new connections ask your connection(s) to introduce you to some of their relevant connections in order to set up potential coffee chats or meetings.

Be active

While you need to be active, posting and commenting on relevant topics, remember to be professional and authentic. You might even get involved with groups where you can get noticed and generate awareness about what you have to offer.

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