February 2022

Is it time to leave your job?

In the workforce, we may have to face the difficult decision to leave an employer. These periods of transition can be challenging to navigate, so if you are considering leaving your current job, here are a few signs that might help make the decision easier.

You’re not achieving personal or professional growth

Throughout our career, we are often faced with the concern that what we are doing is no longer a positive source of growth. Reinvigorating your work with new challenges can often fix the problem however, if you’ve exhausted that path it might be time to move on.

You’ve achieved what you wanted to achieve

Sometimes, your work may lack growth because there’s nothing left to aspire to. Perhaps you’ve simply accomplished what you set out to achieve and are ready to move on to new challenges?

You look for ways to avoid your job

You may find yourself constantly procrastinating. Powering through to develop a positive habit can turn things around (think exercise), but other times you may need either a temporary or permanent break.

You approach work with exhaustion or dread

If you regularly feel dread at the thought of work, or your work constantly burns you out, it may be time to consider changing things, or leaving it behind. Work should enrich your life, not bring it down.

You’re developing bad habits

If a professional work environment is in conflict with your personal beliefs or ethical standards, particularly on matters of character, and you find yourself developing bad behavioral habits, you might need to let it go. 

Your workplace has become unhealthy

Some workplaces can be harmful to your physical, or emotional health, where people are abusive, disrespectful or constantly pessimistic. If you find yourself in that position, it might be time to move on.

There are of course many other signs. But if you have tried to talk about your concerns with your employer, reconciled any differences, earnestly challenged yourself and attempted to adapt – letting go might be the best thing for you.

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