October 2019

Millennial career advice we really need to shelf

There’s job hunting and interview advice a-plenty these days, but some advice for Millennials really should be put on the shelf. Here are the tips of yesterday we think Millennials should ditch.

Dress up for the interview

Today, we think you should dress just a little nicer than the current employees. If you over or underdress, it may appear you don’t understand the company’s culture. For example, you might not want to turn up in a suit to an entry-level design company interview, where they wear jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers to work every day.

Take the safest or best-paid offer

Every job opportunity has risk today. A big and established company can go under just as easily as a start-up. Further, a low-paid, start-up job might lead to bigger and better opportunities than one at an established organisation. Make smart, calculated decisions, rather than relying on this old adage.

Sell yourself in the interview

Today, strong listening skills and emotional intelligence, or self-awareness will get you further in an interview than an ability to shout about your strengths. For the most part, nobody wants a sales pitch from you in an interview. Instead, do some homework about the employer and share what you know about them, by asking smart questions and being an active listener.

Don’t job-hop

Job-hopping is generally defined as spending less than two years in a position, and it’s often suggested that bouncing from position to position can be a red flag to prospective employers. However, depending on your profession, that’s not necessarily the case. It really depends on why you’re making the move. Today, recruiters recognise that making frequent moves can, in fact, boost your career prospects by giving you a broader perspective on your industry, occupation or yourself.

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