January 2022

Workplace Trends for 2022

Workplaces have dramatically evolved over the past two years, so here are our top workplace trends for employers to watch for in 2022. 

Hybrid work

Research suggests remote working and work flexibility for many will be here to stay. Employees will set their own work hours and employers will need to adjust work policies to encourage collaboration.

Gig work

In 2021, contractors and freelancers in the U.S workforce hit 51.1 million, 34% higher than 2020. This has led to predictions that freelance workers will make up more than half of the workforce by 2023.

4 day work week

LinkedIn’s Big Ideas Report suggests we can expect to see some sectors embrace the four-day work week in 2022. Internationally, this trend has already become popular with companies like Microsoft Japan, Semco Brazil and the Icelandic Government.

Mental health days

Going into 2022, researchers expect to see more official support from organisations to help address the importance of mental health days, with general sick days to include mental health days and the need for managers to lead by example.

Revamped meetings

Instead of ineffective video calls in 2022, employers might experiment with recording short videos with detailed explanations of what is expected by staff. Employees can then go back and review the videos when they have questions.

Diversity and inclusion

In 2022, employers need to realise that employees don’t want lip service when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Employees will expect ongoing initiatives that are visible throughout every part of the company.

Women at work

In 2022, we’ll see more employers provide scheduling flexibility for working mothers and create more part-time roles and even convert unused space into childcare centers.

Digital recruitment

While it may still be a little difficult to conduct in-person interviews, it doesn’t mean prospective employees won’t want to get a feel for the company. As such, potential hires could connect with potential workmates via engaging video and audio content.







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