September 2023

The Surprising Benefits of Using Outplacement Services

Plan For Success: Uncovering the Surprising Benefits of Outplacement Services

In the dynamic landscape of today’s job market, organisational changes such as redundancies and business restructures have become inevitable. As businesses do their best to navigate these transitions with empathy and professionalism, the role of outplacement services has become more important as a way to support your departing employees and nurture your employer brand and employee loyalty.

What are Outplacement Services?

If your business has planned redundancies or business restructures on the horizon, reaching out to an Outplacement service provider, like JK Personnel, will help you to provide support to employees leaving the organisation and transitioning into their next role.

A good outplacement provider will not only be able to offer tailored assistance in facilitating career shifts but also in offering emotional support during challenging times, which often includes supporting remaining employee’s through your organisations transition.

Outplacement services can vary, depending on your individual business requirements, and can range from assisting with resume writing to all the way to individual and tailored career coaching for your departing employees.

Nurturing Employer Brand and Employee Loyalty

We know from the research that people affected by redundancy often face challenges related to mental health and are less likely to engage in proactive job search efforts in the few months following. The way your organisation handles these uncertain periods can significantly influence your reputation in the job market. This is where outplacement services step in and provide much-needed structure, guidance, and emotional support during what can often be a very uncertain period.

By displaying care and compassion for departing employees during these transition periods you can greatly enhance the likelihood they will speak highly of your business even after leaving. This can be especially significant for regional businesses, where communities are smaller and maintaining a positive reputation is so important.

Another key advantage of organisations engaging an outplacement service provider is the benefit to your staff that remain. Being able to show your team that you are doing everything you can to support departing employees that have been impacted by business decisions can make a significant difference in creating a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Offering a Personalised Approach to Outplacement

As an outplacement service provider our experience shows us that offering outplacement is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead, we offer a menu of services that individuals can choose from based on their specific circumstances. This tailored approach acknowledges that everyone’s journey is unique, allowing them to pick the services that resonate with their needs, offering employees with varying skill levels benefit from different services, ranging from resume assistance to career coaching.


From empowering individuals facing transitions to enhancing your businesses’ employer brand and internal culture, these utilising the services or outplacement provider can play a pivotal role in transforming what can be a challenging experience into a positive opportunity for growth. By embracing a personalised, empathetic, and tailored approach, your business can navigate organisational changes with compassion and professionalism, setting the stage for a brighter and more resilient workforce.

If your organisation has restructures on the horizon that could reap the benefits of Outplacement Services, we can help! Get in touch now.

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