September 2021

Gen Z pursue climate careers

New research from the U.S. suggests that as Gen Z graduate from university and enter the workforce, they are more likely than older generations to pursue career paths centred on addressing climate change.

76% of the Gen Z respondents said addressing the climate crisis is one of their biggest social concerns, while 37% said it is a top concern.

The study suggested that Gen Z respondents were more likely than Gex X, or Baby Boomers to have taken environmental related action in the last year, such as donating, volunteering, or attending a rally.

In Australia, research suggests that 73% of Gen Z’s nationwide would not work for a company that wasn’t taking positive environmental action. 

Like their U.S counterparts, Australian Gen Z’s have a similar determination to act, be it living sustainably, protesting, or working in areas of science, law and engineering to influence change.

Across the world, the jobs market is also seeing an increasing demand in the financial services market, with banks like Citi, HSBC and Barclays seeking employees with sustainability expertise.

The interest reflects growing recognition across industries that the planet is in need of sweeping commitments to mitigate climate change.

The University of California is launching a new program aimed at instructing its undergraduate students on how their majors intersect with sustainability and the environment.

Hopefully, climate change solutions will now be in reach thanks in part to young people flooding universities and interview rooms with a renewed confidence in science, policy and each other.

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