Labour Hire Experts

13.06.24 Transform your workforce with expert labour hire recruitment that truly understands your needs. For nearly 30 years, we’ve mastered the art of proactive candidate sourcing and nurturing long-term relationships. Our seasoned strategies and specialised approaches provide our clients with unparalleled insights, whether they seek labour hire solutions or a dynamic casual pool to propel their business forward. Join us as we dive into the expertise of two of our recruitment specialists, who reveal the key elements behind their success in this unique industry Read more

Case Study: Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Long-Term Success

16.05.24 Explore how Plinius Engineering leveraged our innovative recruitment strategies and assessments to assure long-term success in their latest hire, with the support of our experienced permanent recruitment team. Read more

Understanding Psychological Safety in Your Workplace

10.04.24 All businesses share a fundamental reliance on their people for success. Understanding and nurturing psychological safety within your organisation is imperative to improve the wellbeing and efficiencies of your people, in turn improving the overall success of your organisation. Find out strategies you can implement now to measure and improve the psychological safety within your workplace. Read more

How to Improve Employee Retention

27.03.24 In today’s dynamic business landscape, retaining top talent and improving retention is crucial for sustained success. By implementing these strategies you can empower your team to feel more respected and valued, resulting in higher engagement, reduced turnover and a more productive workforce. Read more

7 Tips to Achieve Work/Life Balance

15.03.24 Is work/life balance possible in today’s busy world? Find out our top 7 strategies you can implement immediately to achieve a healthy balance with demands in your work and personal life, for your overall well-being and satisfaction. Read more

Unpacking Australia’s New ‘Right to Disconnect’ Laws

29.02.24 The average Australian worker performed 280 hours of unpaid time per year — worth approximately $130 billion in annual lost incomes. The Australian government has recently introduced legislation aimed at safeguarding employees’ rights to unplug from work-related communication outside of their designated hours. But what does this actually mean for employers and employees? Read more

How to Create a Strong Employer Brand

24.01.24 In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is imperative for businesses, and a company’s reputation can be one of the biggest drivers to attract top talent. Having a strong employer brand is a huge asset to any company and can generate real results. Learn how to make your employer brand stand out from your competitors to make your organisation Read more

CASE STUDY: MaxiTRANS Fostering Community Growth through Partnerships

27.11.23 Large employers and manufacturers, like MaxiTRANS, have the opportunity to create hugely positive impacts on the communities in which they operate. For nearly a decade, JK Personnel has been privileged to be a strategic partner to MaxiTRANS, a partnership driven not only a commitment to an employee-centric culture and training, but also a shared dedication to supporting the local community by providing career opportunities. Read more

Increasing Gender Diversity in Heavy Industry

20.10.23 In the world of heavy industry, where workforces are traditionally male dominated, one of Australia’s leading energy and fuel providers wanted to make a change. Their journey toward increasing gender diversity was not only about transforming their workforce but also about reshaping the industry’s future. Read more

The Surprising Benefits of Using Outplacement Services

19.09.23 In the dynamic landscape of today’s job market, organisational changes such as redundancies and business restructures have become inevitable. Your organisation can plan ahead for success during these times of change. Nurture your employer brand, drive employee loyalty and empower staff facing transitions by engaging an outplacement service provider like JK Personnel. Read more
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