CASE STUDY: Psychometric Assessments

06.04.23 Unlocking the Power of Psychometric Assessments: The importance of data-driven hiring decisions to help to grow businesses.   Overview: Utilising psychometric assessments within a recruitment process has been proven to offer a key advantage… Read more

CASE STUDY – Volume Recruitment for Contact Centre

16.02.23 BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN EMPLOYER AND CANDIDATES: Our team at JK focused on the recruiting, onboarding, and support of the large volume of associates through the early stages of their employment with TCS, and we were able to add significant value by allowing the client to focus on their area of expertise. Utilising our volume recruitment services we were able to establish a workforce of 150 employees within a 6 month period. Read more

Regional Recruitment in 2023

05.01.23 Our in-house regional recruitment experts discuss what we have learned over the last couple of challenging years, and what recruiting in 2023 looks like for businesses in regional Australia. Read more

State of the Market for Recruiters and Employers

06.12.22 Our Managing Director, Tim Walshe, shares his expert insights into the current state of the market for recruiters and employers. Is it still a candidate’s market? Read more
22-23 Federal Budget Recap and what it means for regional businesses

2022/23 Federal Budget recap and what it means for your business

03.11.22 Last weeks release of the 2022/23 Federal budget outlined some promising initiatives that will directly benefit businesses and industries in regional Australia. JK Personnel’s Managing Director, Tim Walshe, shares his expert opinion on what some of these initiatives and budget measures will mean for business and industries in regional Australia. Read more

How to turn Quiet Quitters into Loud, Loyal, Team-Players

04.10.22 We spend a lot of our lives at work, so making it a place your employees enjoy being can go a long way in ensuring they feel valued and engaged. Here’s what you can do to make sure your workforce is full of loud, loyal team-players rather than a cohort of quiet quitters. Read more

Workplace Wellbeing

08.09.22 Workplace Wellbeing. Studies show that one in three Australians are experiencing some sort of mental health challenge. So, why is this a workplace problem? Read more
Small plant in glass jar that is filled with pennies

What does a minimum wage increase mean for you?

08.06.22 From groceries to petrol, there’s no doubt, the cost of living has fast risen. The new Labor Government is supporting an increase to the minimum wage, so what will this mean for you? Labor… Read more

Women: the solution to Australia’s jobs crunch

11.05.22 Australia is facing a critical labour and skills shortage. The National Skills Commission forecasts an additional 1.2 million workers will be needed to fill our skills gaps by 2026. New research conducted for Chief Executive Women (CEW Australia), says the answer could already be here. The research suggests we already have a skilled and chronically underutilised workforce – Australian women. Read more

Are you ready for a 4 day work week?

07.04.22 Overseas, some companies who have taken the leap, suggest productivity among small teams has never been better. Some have also opted to make meetings shorter and streamlined the usual crush of emails with auto responses for perfunctory exchanges. But the model comes with many questions. Some experts suggest there are budget and economic constraints, make it an unviable option for some businesses. Read more
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