May 2024

Case Study: Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Long-Term Success

A prominent engineering company successfully navigated succession, cultural fit, and expertise challenges in recruiting a pivotal role within their organisation using innovative recruitment strategies



Plinius Engineering is a prominent local engineering company with a longstanding history partnering with JK Personnel for their recruitment needs. They specialise in steel fabrication and are recognised as leaders in their field.

The company recently faced a significant transition with the retirement of their finance manager, who had been with the company for many years and, as a result, Plinius required a candidate who could seamlessly transition into the role, managing end-to-end finance operations while aligning with their blue-collar workforce culture.

With a rich history in the industry and a reputation for excellence, it was key for us to find a candidate for Plinius Engineering that could fulfill the requirements of the role and deliver that level of excellence, while being a culturally good fit to ensure longevity in the position.


As with all of our clients, our process with Plinius began with a detailed exploration of their requirements. Through decades of experience, we have refined our process of obtaining a thorough job brief to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of this role, along with insights into their organisational structure and team dynamics, to ensure we can find a candidate that would be a long term fit for the organisation. Beyond the technical skills required to do the role well, we identified the need for a candidate with industry-specific experience and a cultural fit within Plinius’ unique work environment.


Drawing from our extensive network and industry expertise, we curated a pool of exceptional candidates for Plinius’ consideration. Through rigorous screening and psychometric testing, including the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) personality profile, we ensured that each candidate not only met the technical requirements but also possessed the essential attributes for long-term success. (learn more about our Psychometric Assessment process here)

Utilising the OPQ proved to be a game-changer in our process to identify the ideal `candidate for Plinius Engineering finance manager position. With Plinius seeking a candidate who not only possessed the requisite technical skills but also demonstrated the personality traits essential for success in their unique work environment, the OPQ provided invaluable insights that guided our decision-making process.

Through the OPQ, we were able to gain objective data to supplement our subjective evaluations, ensuring a holistic approach to candidate assessment. By examining factors such as adaptability, communication style, and emotional intelligence, we were able to pinpoint candidates whose personalities aligned seamlessly with Plinius’ organisational culture. This comprehensive approach allowed us to present Plinius with candidates who not only met their technical requirements but also exhibited the personal attributes necessary for longterm success in the role. As a result, Plinius was empowered to make a well-informed decision, ultimately selecting a candidate who not only excelled in their duties but also integrated seamlessly into the company’s blue-collar workforce culture.

Our long-established network of highly qualified candidates played a pivotal role in sourcing top talent for Plinius Engineering. In this instance, two out of the four top candidates selected for final interviews were sourced from our network, where our expert Permanent Recruitment Consultant, Kate, recognised their skill match and proactively reached out to and encourage them to apply. By leveraging internal resources and industry connections, we were able to identify candidates in the job market who might have otherwise gone unnoticed.


The culmination of our efforts and collaboration with Plinius Engineering was the successful placement of a finance manager who not only met Plinius’ immediate needs but also embodied the organisation’s values and vision for the future. By prioritising long-term fit and compatibility, we facilitated a seamless transition that laid the groundwork for sustained growth and prosperity.

Plinius Engineering’s permanent recruitment journey serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and trust in achieving mutual success. Through a holistic approach to candidate selection, grounded in deep understanding and cultural alignment, along with utilising innovative recruitment strategies, we were able to exceed expectations and deliver tangible value to our client.

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